Diana Hatchitt Printmaking Artist


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Printmaking Artist Uproot
Printmaking Artist Free Spirit

Ramp & Radish

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There is a field of Queen Anne’s lace on my evening walk with Jude, our shepherd mix dog. Each tiny petal of ‘lace’ is wonderfully delicate and detailed. The engraving tools picked up on this detail. It was a really fun plate to carve.

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Water is everywhere. Especially in Minnesota with a lake around nearly every corner. When the sunlight/moonlight hits just right we see these colors shining off the water’s surface.

Printmaking Artist Reflection

G. Marais

On one of our many visits to the North Shore the sky was peaceful, in beautiful shades of pink and blue. I walked along the lake with my sisters in search of the perfect rock. 

Printmaking Artist Dwell


I have always felt energy from urban landscapes. The architecture and the people who dwell in urban settings give off a wonderful vibe that I feed off of.


We viewed the most amazing sunsets while on this island. Night after night they became our entertainment; the colors vivid and alive.


Inspired by a country scene, a pebbled path leads to who knows where? Maybe a house just beyond the pine trees. 

Into Light

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Printmaking Artist Aphrodite


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Printmaking Artist Before the Fall
Printmaking Artist Into Light
Printmaking Artist Dusk

Pieces of Gold

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Art For Sale


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Printmaking Artist Rincon

Before The Fall

In this piece I tried representing a forest full of bright green foliage. This is what I see on a drive through the countryside. It goes by in a flash.

Printmaking Artist Pieces of Gold

Free Spirit

I recently drove coast to coast for an upcoming photo journal book. Take a look at some of the images from my travels.

Printmaking Artist Bloom
Printmaking Artist Gatering

Three Crows

I captured this image on a cold winter morning walk. 3 stark black crows were perched on a branch high up in a very large tree. I was stunned by the contrast of their dark silhouette against the clear blue sky.

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Printmaking Artist Observe
Printmaking Artist Ramp Radish


This image was inspired by the many birch trees in our area & on our property. They are beautiful with peeling white bark and an abundance of foliage. 

Diana Hatchitt Fine Art Mezzo Printmaking

Printmaking Artist Inflorescence


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More on this coming soon.

Printmaking Artist Lace
Printmaking Artist Bonaire


This scene was just beyond our alfresco table, enjoying dinner with good friends in Puerto Rico. I captured many photos of the ever changing sky. 

Printmaking Artist Rhubarb
Printmaking Artist Nesting
Printmaking Artist Malibu


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Printmaking Artist Lavender
Printmaking Artist Faith
Printmaking Artist G Marais


Everything and everyone have a story to tell. I love capturing an interesting photo of an inanimate object and letting viewers come up with their own ideas about it.

Printmaking Artist Still


Printmaking Artist Milkweed


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Printmaking Artist Frost


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Printmaking Artist Stillness
Printmaking Artist September


Spring brought the most gorgeous tulips this year! These were an amazing apricot to lemon color. 

Printmaking Artist


The beach called us each day, morning and evening. The water so clear and blue, the sky equally stunning.

Printmaking Artist Three Crows