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Diana Hatchitt Printmaking Artist
printmaking artist

My life as an artist began before I can

even remember. Raised in Des Moines, Iowa to artist parents, I learned at a young age that making art was not a part time job, but a way of life...


Spring brought the most gorgeous tulips this year! These were an amazing apricot to lemon color. 

Printmaking Artist Diana Hatchitt


Water is everywhere. Especially in Minnesota with a lake around nearly every corner. When the sunlight/moonlight hits just right we see these colors shining off the water’s surface.

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These images are expressed through an Intaglio Printmaking Technique called Mezzotint. My process begins with creating a rough surface across a copper plate. Using drawing tools (burnishers & scrapers), the plate is hand carved to reveal a particular image...

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This image was inspired by the many birch trees in our area & on our property. They are beautiful with peeling white bark and an abundance of foliage. 

Three Crows

I captured this image on a cold winter morning walk. 3 stark black crows were perched on a branch high up in a very large tree. I was stunned by the contrast of their dark silhouette against the clear blue sky.